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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I go to a denturist?

A.  Replacing your natural teeth is more than trusting someone with your smile. Your appearance, your looks, your whole image is at stake. Make sure you entrust this delicate task to a specially trained professional! Your denturist is an expert in design, construction, insertion and adjustment of removable dentures as well as overdentures on implants.

Their expertise, meticulousness and professionalism make them the best possible choice to help you derive the maximum benefit from dental prosthetics technology. "Denturists are your denture specialists."

Q. What is a reline?

A.  The tissues in the mouth are constantly changing over time and eventually the dentures will start to feel loose in the mouth. The shrinkage in the bones of the jaws are a result of tooth loss. Relining a dentures means refitting the inside surface of the dentures to make it tighter. A reline will not change the appearance of the denture teeth but only aids in the retention of the denture. If the teeth are worn down, it is time for a new denture.

Q. I broke my dentures. Can it be repaired?

A.  In most cases, a broken denture can be repaired the same day. It is best to bring the denture to the clinic in order for a denturist can assess whether the denture can be repaired.

Q. How long do dentures last?

A.  Dentures do not last forever. Dentures should be replaced every five to seven years in order to maintain healthy gums and a good bite.

Q. How do dentures feel?

A.  Patients who have received new dentures may notice that the dentures will feel like a mouthful for the first few weeks of wearing them. During this time the muscles in your cheek, gums and tongue learn to adapt to the new dentures. With practice and perseverance the dentures will feel like a part of your body. It is common for minor discomfort and sores to occur with new dentures and the saliva to increase when you first start wearing them. However, these problems are transitory and will diminish over time.

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